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Remove Watermark from .dxf File

Question asked by Trumann Walker on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Paul Salvador

I'm using Solidworks Student Edition Academic Year 2016-2017 and trying to save a simple sketch (attached as .prt) as a .dxf file so I can import the file to a laser cutter. The laser cutter uses Scriba to read the .dxf file, and is distributed by the company Electrox.


When I open the .dxf in Scriba, the watermark "SOLIDWORKS Educational Product For Instructional Use Only" appears, and I am almost certain the laser will cut out these letters along with the part I want (haven't tried yet).


Is there anyway to remove this watermark aside from acquiring a non-academic version? Like some special save setting I'm missing? A google search has shown one needs to go to really just unnecessary lengths to remove the watermark...


Thanks for your help.