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    Remove Watermark from .dxf File

    Trumann Walker

      I'm using Solidworks Student Edition Academic Year 2016-2017 and trying to save a simple sketch (attached as .prt) as a .dxf file so I can import the file to a laser cutter. The laser cutter uses Scriba to read the .dxf file, and is distributed by the company Electrox.


      When I open the .dxf in Scriba, the watermark "SOLIDWORKS Educational Product For Instructional Use Only" appears, and I am almost certain the laser will cut out these letters along with the part I want (haven't tried yet).


      Is there anyway to remove this watermark aside from acquiring a non-academic version? Like some special save setting I'm missing? A google search has shown one needs to go to really just unnecessary lengths to remove the watermark...


      Thanks for your help.