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how to design a Corporation stop for a pvc pipe circuit

Question asked by Varun Sharma on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Varun Sharma

hi guys, I have 2 probes that I want to install into a pvc pipe for a hydroponic grow operation but I need a corporation stop so the client can keep the system/working fluid running while still being able to take out the probe from the pipe and clean/maintain it but not have any leaks.


I am new to design and have a 1.5" pipe that I need to build a Corp stop/Cord grip/Pipe saddle around. any advice on how I can properly do this? are they easy to manufacture/machine?


I need 3 components actually: (x2) of each to mount two different probes


Pipe saddle

Cord Grip Liquid Tight

Corporation stops


Could you guys guide me on how I can go about this?