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Can PDM Standard read contents of .txt files in vault and output to Data Card fields?

Question asked by Silas Curfman on Sep 6, 2018
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What I'd like to know is if .txt files being imported into the vault have for instance "description" data in the contents of the .txt file, can that data be read by PDM Standard and mapped to a Data Card variable?


I have a large number of non-modeled items to check into the vault for use in SolidWorks BOM's using paste-as-reference.  While testing this we've come up with a work flow that works pretty well.  Essentially we output the SKU's from our ERP system to a spreadsheet; run a powershell command that takes that spreadsheet as an input and outputs newly created .txt files for each SKU in the spreadsheet; we then take the newly created .txt files and check them into the vault mapping the file name less the extension to the "number" variable in our .TXT Data Card.  New Data Cards are correctly populating with the SKU's of all the items we bring in from our ERP this way, and at a minimum this is working.    I'm just wondering if I can do something similar with the contents of the file, not just mapping the name of the file.  Thanks for the help.