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Problem of distance mate on Sketch blocks

Question asked by Alp Selin on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Alp Selin

Hello everyone




I am currently working on a sketch blocks in Assembly - in Layout module - and I would like to do a Motion Study of this sketch. The problem is in the motion study there are distances I would like to limit because it 'breaks' the mechanism.

So I tried to add a 'limit mate' between two different blocks. The problem is this mate does not exist for sketch blocks. I can open the mate module and 'advanced mate' but it is written 'Please select from two different components for mating'. So I tried to add a smart dimension between these two blocks but this dimension is not respected and the mechanism is absolutely the same.

Moreover a smart dimension does not really interest me because I just want to limit a distance, not fix it. I started to work on SolidWorks 3 days ago so I am really sorry if the question is too trivial.



Thank you very much