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How to force Solidworks to spin around selection or center of view

Question asked by Michael Baycura on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Neville Williams

I have a lot of trouble getting solidworks to accept my selection as a spin center in the general 3D view so i can rotate around what i'm looking at instead of the origin (or whatever the default is). I'll hover over what i want to spin around, wait for it to highlight, click the middle button of the mouse, but most of the time it won't turn purple and use my selection as the spin center. I have to mess with it zoom in and out and waste so much time waiting for the auto-assume to rotate around a point, edge, or face instead of the whole body.

This seems to be a problem particularly for parts that are of very long in one dimension compared to it's other dimensions or maybe the annoyance is just more noticeable because when you try to rotate around the end of a long part but it keeps rotating around the origin instead, very small rotations moves the desired end feature completely out of view.


Is there a way to force solidworks to take a selection or use the center of the view as a spin center by way of a shortcut key or setting change?