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Identify Parts in PDM Standard eDrawings preview

Question asked by John Wayman on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by John Wayman

We use PDM Standard here, and often preview assemblies in the vault view using the built-in eDrawings viewer.

I looked at an assembly today and decided I wanted to open a specific part of that assembly, but I couldn't remember which part it was, so I couldn't select it in the explorer view.

I assumed that I could click the part in the eDrawings view and have it identified , so that I could then open that part.

I seem to remember that's how it used to work.

However, today, I click on a part in an assembly and I can see no way of identifying that part within eDrawings or the vault explorer view.

Have I accidentally switched an option off, or am I incorrect in my memory that I used to be able to do that?


SW2018, SP4