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Getting File Properties from a part without opening the part file in Solidworks

Question asked by Carmen Lopera on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Josh Brady


I am implementing an Add-in that given an assembly will check for every part in the assembly the custom properties file without having to open the part document in solidworks and then will save the part to STL.


I have some code that gets me a list of the paths for each part in the assembly and I would like to load in memory without opening the part in solidworks in order to make it activated. File properties seems is accessible only for an activated document. 

Can a part be loaded in memory and then activated without opening the file in solidworks?


Properties for the part when the part file is open that I am trying to get without opening the part file.




I have seen that with  OpenDoc6 you can load the part in memory without opening the part in a window. Can from memory be the model activated and then save to STL? The SaveAs method needs the active document.