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Dimension text justification problem

Question asked by Denis Ghete on Sep 6, 2018

Hello everyone,


I have the following problem which has frustrated me for some time now. When exporting drawings from Solidworks to DWG or DXF the dimension text is justified as Top Left or Top Center. In Solidworks the dimension text is perfectly centered on the dimension line and so it is when opening in Draftsight. My issue is that I have to import these drawings into another software, and there, the text is overlapping the dimension line, because it doesn't read the position of the text correctly. This only happens on the vertical dimensions and/or angled dimensions. To better visualize my problem, I have attached a picture. Right now the only solution I found is to manualy edit each dimension and set the text justification to Middle Center, but this is highly time consuming work and since I don't have Drafsight premium, I can't record macros to speed it up.


If anyone has any advice for my, I kindly ask you to share.