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In drawing, Separate a Custom property into two

Question asked by Renpeng Zou on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by Robert H.



I am using SW2017. I had a property mapped from Teamcenter. It is the revision ID, its value is 01.0001.


Now in the drawing, in the title block, we want to separate it into two area. So in the Revision cell, it will hold 01. In the Baseline cell, it will hold 0001.


In other CAD, I can use expression or formula to extract 01.0001 into 01 and 0001 and put it on drawing sheet. Looking at Equation in SolidWorks, I found it is not active in Drawing!! Only active in part and assembly. (Did I miss some settings I should turn on? Went through Options, no luck)


I found several posts that suggests create a global variable in part, add equation to it, create a dummy property, Then in the drawing, I can put it. That is something I am not able to do when the Teamcenter steps in..


This figure explains my goal, hope you can understand.

Is there something that can help me achieve my goal here?


Really appreciate any replies!!!