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    PDM dispatch task for copying variable to custom property

    Robert Morton

      Hi Guys,


      I currently have a load of legacy files, which all have the variables set up on the data card for Supplier and a Supplier Part Number (these are all purchased components).


      Originally the files did not have the custom properties set up to include these variables, which I would like to add these to the file now.


      I am able to do this manually via the data card by:

      -     Check out file

      -     Change the variable slightly on the data card

      -     Save the data card and check it in

      -     Check the file out

      -     Change the varable back to the original

      -     Check the file back in


      By doing this it adds the line into the custom property without needing to opening the SW file. As you can tell, doing this multiple times is a bit painstaking.


      Is there a way of setting up a dispatch task to do this (ideally for multiple files with different names in the variables)?


      I am using Solidworks PDM Pro 2018.





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          Sam Sam


          perhaps I not really understood a question, but I want to offer a variant who as to me shall seems to approach.

          Sense such - In Workflow you create a status - "Set Variables" with automatic transitions for each variable with the necessary conditions and settings.

          If it is necessary you send the file from "Initial" to "Biblioteca" through this status.

          It is possible to make the separate folder, for example - "Import" for this separate Workflow.

          Together with it it is possible to use also Dispatch.

          If I am not mistaken for creation of a property in the file it is possible to use "Space",

          because if to leave a variable empty - the property in the file will be deleted.

          If configurations are necessary - do not forget them to set up.

          Automatic transitions can be made parralelny or consistently (then each variable shall have the status.


          It is not sure that I clear described everything (something can I forgot). It is possible to eat also other decisions.

          But this information can will the useful or will prompt the possible decision.


          As other varian - use task - Design Checker.

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            Michael Dekoning


            I am unable to verify this as I'm away from work, but I think you could use Dispatch to check out files, read the values for your Supplier and Supplier Part Number variables and update them (with the same values) and then check them in. I think this will be enough to create a new version of the file with the custom properties.