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Multiple wires to one connector? (Ex: Daisy chain) Solidworks Electrical

Question asked by Chris Chimienti on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Joep Verhoeven

Hello, I am fairly new to Solidworks Electrical so I am still wrapping my head around all of the functionality... One thing I am struggling with is daisy chaining wires (especially if I want different wire thicknesses) . I created some 3D ring terminal connectors (and made the connection points) and associated those with connectors that I created in Solidworks electrical (using the wizard). Each C point on the 3d models was associated with a terminal for those parts created in Solidworks Electrical. For connectors that require different wire gauges running to them, I created separate circuits so that I can have different equipotentials. On my schematic, each wire type shows up fine (ie. 8AWG and 14AWG running to the connector). I grouped some of these parts into harnesses in Solidworks electrical.


Problems start when I try to route my harnesses in 3D. When "dasiy chaining" I get all sorts of strange behavior where wire thicknesses are random and do not match the schematic. If I go into edit route --> edit wires, I see this:



You can see in the above photo the grey wires... the short loop is supposed to be 14GA and the longer wire is supposed to be 8GA (the same thickness as the red wire in the top right corner for reference). As you can see it is neither and I receive the error above.


I am trying to find some guidance on how to properly chain wires together like this? Lastly, even if I accept the wires as is and they are the wrong thickness (but not greyed out) I still cannot flatten the route. It becomes an unusable mess that can not be fanned out or rearranged... the flattened configuration is useless...


Thank you