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Building a computer for SolidWorks

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Jeff Mowry

Okay, I know there are tons of threads about this and I've skimmed through most of them but I am not much of a hardware expert so I'd have a few questions to ask.


We've been buying HP workstations for the last few years, everything works fine and all, tough after reading through the threads I realized there was a lot that could be done to perhaps improve the computer without modifying the cost.


So here's what I got spec'ed for a pretty hefty price..


HP Workstation

IntelCore i7 8700 @ 3.2GHz (6core)

16GB Ram DDR-4

256GB SSD Turbo drive

Quadro P4000 graphic card


So after reading a bunch of threads, I figured I'd be better off with something around the line of:


IntelCore i7-8086k

32GB Ram DDR-4

256GB SSD Turbo Drive

Quadro P2000 graphic card


I ''downgraded'' the GPU because we don't do renders. I was wondering if that would affect the time of response and SolidWork's speed.


I also downgraded the CPU because of this article : What IS the Best CPU for SOLIDWORKS? By Jeff Setzer | GSC Articles

Tough, I do not understand the whole ''single core vs multiple core'' as the 8086k is a 6-core too as far as I'm aware.


I doubled the RAM because we already have 16GB ram on our 6 years old computer and we're supposed to be upgrading, not staying even.


So what do you guys suggest? I'm not going the gaming graphic card way, staying with professional graphic cards, everything else can be switched accordingly to be improved.