Tom Gagnon

(Idea) Adv.Option for Assembly Configuration Properties: Envelope new components

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Sep 5, 2018

Advanced Options in the Properties of an Assembly Configuration include:


In addition to being able to [_] Suppress new components, I would like to see [_] Envelope new components as an additional Advanced Option.


This would be very helpful for some designs where one configuration is a complete assembly, and another handles components outside of a defined scope as envelope. As an option, it can be controlled and toggled as needed, instead of having to select many new components (and Pattern contents separately) to choose Component Properties -> Envelope (in This Configuration). I'd appreciate seeing Envelope more integrated and less removed from the processes by burial on component properties only.


To refer a similar topic idea which I had asked earlier, tangential only to this topic, but including useful distinctions and discussion: Copy component into subassembly as envelope


Please let me know if there is already a SPR that I can vote on to endorse.