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Question asked by Corey Wallace on Mar 4, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2009 by Corey Wallace
When I click "max quality" render in the settings menu in PV360 my render begins. If I close out of this render before it finishes and select final render I get what appears to be a "max quality" render as well. The difference being the "AA Samples" and "Indirect Rays". By eye I have not been able to tell two of any renders apart I have compared in this way. Is there really a difference?

For example I rendered a part from the settings menu and ended up with AA Samples as 32 and Indirect Rays as 2048....with those settings I x'd out of the menu and did a "Final Render", where I finished with AA Samples as 8 and Indirect Rays as 128. I could see no difference in the two renders.