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    Processing Named BOM very slow

    Jason Hogue

      We are trying to use named BOM's with editable variable to monitor the progress of jobs.When I say editable variables I mean I create say 5 new variables that a user can edit and add these as columns to the Named BOM.  When you check the BOM out, you can then update each of the 5 new fields for each part/assy.


      What we have found is it is extremely slow to open, check out or check in the BOM.  Does anyone know why BOM's would be slow??  5-10 minutes per operation slow.

      Even just opening the calculated BOM is slow.





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          Sam Sam


          There are assumptions:

          1. Maybe the latest version boots?

          2. If ToolBox is used - as it is set up? There are no problems?

          3. There can be a slow operation because of incorrectly tuned variables.

          What settings of variables, cards, columns...?

          Somewhere it can is necessary to specify configurations or versions?

          If to reduce quantity of variables - something will change?

          Free text - does not approach? - https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/223093

          4. Does not depend on the computer, the user, group, vault...?