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    Processing Named BOM very slow

    Jason Hogue

      We are trying to use named BOM's with editable variable to monitor the progress of jobs.When I say editable variables I mean I create say 5 new variables that a user can edit and add these as columns to the Named BOM.  When you check the BOM out, you can then update each of the 5 new fields for each part/assy.


      What we have found is it is extremely slow to open, check out or check in the BOM.  Does anyone know why BOM's would be slow??  5-10 minutes per operation slow.

      Even just opening the calculated BOM is slow.





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          Sam Sam


          There are assumptions:

          1. Maybe the latest version boots?

          2. If ToolBox is used - as it is set up? There are no problems?

          3. There can be a slow operation because of incorrectly tuned variables.

          What settings of variables, cards, columns...?

          Somewhere it can is necessary to specify configurations or versions?

          If to reduce quantity of variables - something will change?

          Free text - does not approach? - https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/223093

          4. Does not depend on the computer, the user, group, vault...?

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            Jason Hogue

            The problem turned out to be the model/assy itself.  If an assy is slow to rebuild, has many circular references and in general is poorly made, this will affect the processing of the named BOM.  Once we cleaned up the assembly and removed the processing issues, the named BOM performed as expected.