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What is the best NVIDIA GPU to get?

Question asked by Will Hovik on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2019 by Damir Galic

Hi everyone! I am new to this community and excited to learn more about SolidWorks Visualize and rendering.

My company is going to be getting the latest SW with Visualize SP3 and I am supposed to spec out the best possible workstation for designing/rendering.


From reading stuff about this topic, everyone tends to say that Quadro's are the best, meanwhile on SolidWorks website for Visualize Benchmarks (LINK) the numbers seem to say that the TITAN V scored the best for a single GPU... practically matching 2 Quadro P6000's...


I can understand why with its high CUDA core count, and the fact that Visualize SP3 now supports Volta, it seems that the TITAN V would be the best card for rendering in Visualize.  While in comparison, Quadro's are great for all purpose - CAD workflow as well as rendering (my guess from everything I've researched about this).


So are the TITAN V's the best single card to get instead of the multiple Quadro Pascal series?

AND, could I potentially stack multiple TITAN V's to maximize performance?


What are you guys thoughts on this matter?

Especially Brian Hillner, as I see you are very involved in these topics.


Thanks in advance!