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Global variable links within pack and go assemblies

Question asked by Unknown Unknown on Sep 3, 2018
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The company I work for currently designs a range of machines where each machine is based around a rectangular chamber.  The problem is that 95% of the machines are bespoke because every customer requires a different size chamber.

We are currently spending a great deal of time modifying the design for every job to suit the new chamber size

I attempted recently (using Solidworks 2012) to create a baseline model where the chamber sizes were global variables and the dimensions of the parts of the machine were linked to these variables and was having some success with it.

However, to use a baseline model we would have to pack and go it for each job adding the prefixed job number at the same time.  When I did this on the test model all the global variables stopped working as the part references within them were not updated with the new filenames.

From reading other posts I believe this is a known problem, although I might well have made a mistake in how I linked the global variables. 

I only have Solidworks 2012, does anyone know if any of the later versions successfully updates the links?

Failing that does anyone know another method I could try?