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    SolidWorks EPDM : Filename max length

    Ananth Subramanian


              Is there a limit to the filename length within SolidWorks EPDM? Thanks.




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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Ananth, the only limit is to the folder path, which is set at 256 characters by Windows. The folder path for a file includes what folder it is in, as well as its file name and extension


          For example if your vault view is located at the root of the C drive, and your vault is called PDM; if you then add a file at the root of the vault called Part1.SLDPRT, then the total folder path for that file is C:\PDM\Part1.SLDPRT which is a total of 19 characters.


          So the more subfolders etc you have in your vault, the longer your folder path becomes. Also a good tip is NOT to keep your vault view on your desktop, but at the root (or as close to the root) of a drive as possible. If you place a vault view on your desktop, then even before you add any files, your folder path is already something like C:\Users\<username>Desktop


          Hope this makes sense.


          Kind regards


          Prasad Bhonsule