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    Texture mapping roulette

    Peter Hildebrandt

      I do a lot renderings with many textures and it´s a real pain.

      - When assigning the same texture in the same project to nearly the same model, the texture always lost

      orientation and texture mapping and you have to check and manually correct this every time.

      - two parts have the same texture.Changing the texture mapping only affects one part.You have to assign manually again.

      Texturing is an important part to achieve realistic results, but the possibilities inside Visualize are very rudimentary

      and intransparent.Since there were no improvements done in this area in the past years, Visualize lags behind the time

      compared to other software. I hope they will catch this up.....TextureMappingIssue01.jpgTextureMappingIssue02.jpg

        • Re: Texture mapping roulette
          Brian Muhlbach

          Hi Peter,


          The appearance texture mapping is set to ‘Fit to Part,’ by default. Which is why the U and V texture scale is inconsistent.


          Try changing the texture mapping to ‘Set to World Scale



          NOTE: you will need to redial in the U and V with the desired look


          • Apply the same appearance to the multiple parts
          • Change the texture mapping for each individual part to ‘ Set to World Scale,’ the texture should have a consistent look in scale.