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Custom property for BOM

Discussion created by Debbie Wood on Mar 4, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2009 by Allen Boldt
I'm trying to set up the bill of materials so that it can produce a cutting list for welded assemblies not made using 'weldments' - just using parts. To this end, as an experiment I've set up a 'Rectangular Hollow Section' Part - with several configurations.

In order to get the overall length I made a configuration specific custom property 'length' - set it to 'text' and then clicked the length dimension - the address of which went into the 'value' column.

I then opened a drawing - added two instances (different configurations) and added a BOM. I added a new column and set its property to 'length'. Sure enough it came up with the appropriate value.

However after saving and re-opening the numeric length has been replaced with the dimension reference in both the BOM and the properties table?

Does anyone know if I'm doing something silly?

Thanks, Debbie