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Need Help to thicken the DrivAer scaled model

Question asked by Saiel Pathare on Aug 31, 2018

Hello Everyone,


I am using DrivAer model for the dissertation. My topis is Investigation of Aerodynamic stability of DrivAer model and for this I am gonna print the DrivAer model with scale 1:20 and after scalling down the model I want the wall thickness to be 3mm. Previously I have uploaded 3 files on the forum and got very positive response though the last body is bit complex but I tried my best by giving offset to a 1:20 scaled model to 3mm  but unable to blend apply the blend command in CATIA.

I have attached the link with this post. If anyone knows about how to fix this please help me.




The present model is scaled model (1:20)

Offset has been given to almost 90% of the body. Problem I am facing now is unable to blend both offset and original surface.Alex BurnettPaul Salvador


01_Body_Closed Repair CATIA.CATPart - Google Drive


Thank You.

Saiel Pathare.