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Cannot Uninstall Solidworks PCB Services, cannot log in as admin

Question asked by Paul Shepherd on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Paul Shepherd

We have a demo license of Soildworks PCB, so that I can decide if I should use it fro circuit board design. Unfortunately, the Services setup seems broken, and our VAR has been unable to help. In the setup procedure, we get to the point of logging in as admin (password "admin") to set up accounts, but it says the user credentials are wrong.


I have tried to uninstall SW PCB Services, but this article points to folders which do not exist on our machine (no start menu folder related to Solidwroks PCB or PCB Services): 2018 SOLIDWORKS Installation Help - Uninstalling PCB Services


Does anyone know how to uninstall SW PCB Services without going through the start menu? It also does not appear in Windows' Add/Remove Programs feature, and I can't uninstall SW Server for the sake of trying out a demo license. Alternately, if someone has an idea how to correct the log-in credential issue, we could keep moving forward.


Thanks in advance,