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MBD - Testing - 30 Day Trial started today - MBD Tips Anybody??

Question asked by John Stoltzfus on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by William Radigan

Today I recieved our 30 trial license code to try out the MBD.  It is simple enough, but it will take a little finessing on our end to get it off the ground.  I am hoping to be able to launch MBD by mid 2019, however a lot of stuff needs to be in place prior to that.


For people using MBD, do you have any tips/tricks.  From what I've seen in just a little bit of messing around is the difficulty to apply the dimensions.  That for me will be my biggest challenge, only because of our workflow and the need for training.  Surely the drawing time will be cut in half, if not more and the guys in the shop will be able to see what they are building and why the part is designed a certain way, which will give them a really good visual of the important design intent.  Furniture manufacturing is a lot different then General Fabrication or Machinery building, because of the expansion and contraction, based on excessive or lack of moisture, having a clear view of the assembly the guys can take the best approach when building the pc of furniture.


Who is using MBD?


What are the biggest Challenges?


Any Tips / Tricks?