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    Custom properties from a list

    Dean Baragar

      I'm trying to create a list of "processes" to add to my part drawings showing all the steps required to produce the part.  I set up a text file with the custom properties tab calling out "Process 1", "Process 2", etc.  and my drawing successfully calls them out.  However, what I'm looking for now is to callout the LAST process in the BOM of the weldment, so we know the last "station" that the part should have gone through.

        For example I have a weldment consisting of 2 parts: one is Laser->Bend and the other is Saw.  I would like to put a column in my BOM that reads Bend & Saw.

        Any thoughts on how to achieve this.

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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Dean,


          I'm not entirely sure if you are using a Weldment Cut List or a Bill of Materials. It is possible using a BoM table type as you can add equations to control the column:

          In this case the Process 1 and Process 2 columns are driven by custom properties, while the "Final Process" column is controlled by an equation:


          IF('Process 2' = ""; 'Process 1'; `Process 2`)

          You can then hide the other Process columns if needed.

          If you need to created nested if statements for more than 2 properties, see this forum post: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/190994#comment-190994


          Hopefully that gets you what you are after.

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              Dean Baragar

              Thanks Logan

              Yeah that works! I just had issues with the syntax, but once I sorted that out it seems to work.  You mentioned this in your post but I'll just reiterate it: you must have all the individual process columns in the table (hidden is fine).  You cannot just link to a property it seems.

              For reference this is the equation I used:

              IF('Process 2'="";`Process 1`;IF(`Process 3`="";`Process 2`;IF('Process 4'="";'Process 3';IF('Process 5'="";'Process 4';IF('Process 6'="";'Process 5';'Process 6')))))