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Opposite longitude and latitude for light

Question asked by Chris Pratt on Aug 30, 2018
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In *lefthand task pane* -> "DisplayManager" -> "View Scene, Lights, and Cameras" a light's (Figure 1) position is defined with a longitude and latitude (Figure 2). Given a longitude and latitude, what is the corresponding longitude and latitude that define a light pointing in the exact opposite direction?


The default lighting in SolidWorks (SW) is such that the front of a part will be lit more brightly from the front. I'm making some pictures for documentation and this has caused problems. To change this I want to mirror SW's default lights. I'll admit I'm not 100% sure this is the correct thing to do, since that will mean when viewed from the back, the part will be lit from the bottom and not the top. I'm using SW 2017.



     Figure 1.



     Figure 2.