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Replace Reference - Selects incorrect ref

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 30, 2018

One of the many things that niggles me about my Solidworks experience this morning is this scenario:


I sometimes find myself with a component in an assembly that can't find its mate reference. Maybe I have replaced component A with component B, and the plane on component A that component C was mated to no longer exists. I click 'Replace Mate Entities' and click the new plane, in component B, and all is well.


Except that no, it often isn't.


Solidworks knows that one of the planes in the Replace Mate Entities box is there, and that the other is not. Why, then, does it blindly select the first plane in the box as the one to be replaced, rather than the one it knows is not there? I click the plane in component B and half the time it works, but the other half it has now got 1 plane in component A and one in component B, and I still have a failed mate. It just depends on the order in which I originally specified the planes, I think.


I know I can read the contents of the box and select the particular plane I want to replace in the box and then select the plane I want to replace it with in the graphics area, but why do I have to? It knows what's wrong, why not assume I actually want to fix it, rather than making me specify that I want to fix it? It is just a couple of mouse movements and clicks extra, but it really winds me up.


Have I got something set incorrectly in my options, perhaps, or is it an enhancement request?

Or is there a better way to fix such broken mate references?


SW2018, sp4