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    Cannot Use Equations when Adding Dims to Models in SW 2018 SP4.0

    Jonathan Albert

      We recently upgraded to SW2018 SP4.0. I am trying to link dimensions and add a value. It does not work. The error is “The syntax of this equation is not correct”. Was working fine in SW2017 SP4.0.


      Is there a fix for this?

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          Richard Bremmer

          I don't have a solution, I do have the same problem (in SW 2016 upto 2019).

          Tried removing programs that were installed recently, but my system no longer let's me do that.


          FYI tried 3dconnexion, autohotkey, apple software updater and some windows updates. Some just didn't work, some gave me the follwoing error:


          Unhandled Exception


          Error Number: 0x80020006

          Description: Unknown name.


          Setup will now terminate.





          I use W10,

          internet explorer always looses the cookie settings after restart, ever since I have this problem. Other browsers are OK.

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              Jonathan Albert

              Hi Richard, I contacted my VAR and I have copied their solution below:


              It appears the problem is related to VBA, this also affects the Toolbox and equations.


              A Knowledge base (S-072671) was addressed for this , I have copied it below for your reference:

              This behaviour can occur if there is a problem with the 'swvbaserver.exe' file on the client computer.

              1.   Rename the VBA folder.

              a.       In Windows Explorer, browse to ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VBA’.

              b.       Rename the existing ‘\VBA7’ folder to something like '\VBA7.old'.

              c.        Copy the ‘\VBA7’ folder from a computer that does not have this problem, and paste it in the same location as the renamed folder.

              1. 2. Restart the SOLIDWORKS application and see if it helps.
              2. 3. Close the SOLIDWORKS application and the toolbox, and then install the following files on the computer manually from the SOLIDWORKS DVD or download:

                     ∙ [DVD/download]\PreReqs\VBA\vba71.msi

                     ∙ [DVD/download]\PreReqs\VBA\vba71_1033.msi(for English or your language specific msi)

                     ∙ [DVD/download]\PreReqs\VBA\vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp

              1. 4.            If you are installing the files from an administrative image:

                     ∙ [admin_image_dir]\<64_or_32_bit>\Microsoft_VBA\vba71.msi

                     ∙ [admin_image_dir]\<64_or_32_bit>\Microsoft_VBA_1033\vba71_1033.msi(for English or your language specific msi)

                     ∙ [admin_image_dir]\<64_or_32_bit>\Microsoft_VBA_KB2783832\vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp

              1. 5. Register ‘swvbaserver.exe’

                   a. Close the SOLIDWORKS application. Make sure that there are no instances of ‘sldworks.exe’ running in Task Manager.

                   b.       Open a Windows command prompt as Administrator.

                   c.        Change directory to the SOLIDWORKS installation folder (the folder location of the ‘sldworks.exe’ file).

                   d.       At the command prompt, type ‘sldworks.exe /regserver’ > press Enter. This command registers the sldworks.exe and swvbaserver.exe files. This should solve the problem.

              1. 6. Perform a clean reinstall of the VBA software.