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Managing decimal places - part/assembly to BOM

Question asked by Jocelyn Erchul on Aug 29, 2018
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BOM.JPG <-- I want these to be three decimal places


All of my parts were made in a template that has three decimals set in the options -> tools -> document properties

This is how the custom properties at part level looks:



The dimensions are coming straight from the model, so i'm not sure how I'm losing that last zero.

I've tried changing settings to "show" on all leading and trailing dimensions in the Tables section in doc properties, no dice.

I've also ensured that the decimal settings were set to 'document'.


I also don't know if I could just use the {3} function, because when I attempted '={3}"D3@Sketch1@KNEE...' it erased my whole line of text. These are options I've found out in the net/forum, but can't seem to find what I'm needing.