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BOM Customization

Question asked by Brad Peirson on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Miguel Angel Luján

I'm still fairly new to Electrical and recently upgraded from Schematic Standard 2017 to Schematic Professional. I've been playing around with some of the new custom report options I now have access to. I've just about got things the way I like to see them, but there are two things left to do to the BOM table that I'm striking out on. Any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated:


1) I do mostly design for industrial equipment, PLC enclosures and the like. So I use a lot of wire duct when creating cabinet layouts. Right now my BOM quantity displays the number of individual duct components that are in the drawing. But the physical parts are sold in 6' sticks. With the current configuration a 24x24 control cabinet might show a quantity of 8 duct parts, when in reality I can get it done by cutting 1 stick into all the pieces we need. Is there some method to change this around to get the BOM to figure how many PHYSICAL pieces are required? I'm mostly looking for this one so when I export the BOM to excel I can send it directly to my vendor for a quote.


2) along the lines of a quote, is there a way to doctor the BOM report to be a COSTED BOM? Where it displays unit prices and calculates the total? That one will help me in the project estimation phase, having all of that in one report automagically. Ordinarily I wouldn't want that on the BOM, but I'm currently the in-house machine builder for a plant, so there's no danger in putting the estimated cost right in the drawings.


Again, any help is appreciated.