Select missing from rmb menu in block edit

Discussion created by 1-GDXXBU on Mar 3, 2009
This issue is limited to block editing.

I remember that previous versions of SW had a "select" option on the RMB menu that was easy to get to after sketching an entity while editing a block.

On 2009 sp2.1, this option is gone and isn't listed under customize menu.

What is worse, in my quick menu (that customizable menu thingy that pops up next to the mouse when you hit a hotkey, not the flyout menus) there is a select button, but it is greyed out while I am sketching. In fact, I don't know when it isn't greyed out.
Even worse still, I have tried mapping a hotkey to select, but it does nothing, ever. I can hit it all day long, give it any combinations of any key on the keyboard, and I get squat.

The only way for me to get to select is to toggle off whatever tool I am using, which is counter-productive, because I have to stop thinking about what I am about to do to go back and think about what I was just doing to choose the proper hotkey. Doesn't sound like much, but I'll bet I go thru this 100+ times per day, losing a few seconds if I can get promptly back into my train of thought, and longer if I can't.

This problem did not exist in 2008 (to the best of my knowledge), and the rmb menu issue (I think) wasn't a problem untill this last service pack. With both my preferred methods to access the select tool gone, I am wasting valuable time!

It always bugs me when functionality goes missing.

Is this an issue for anyone else? Any tips on how to fix this would be most welcome.