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Splines are extruding with poor curve quality

Question asked by Michael Baycura on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Michael Baycura

My splines are extruding with horrible quality even though other features with more complex curves extrude fine. The curvature of the sketches are smooth and clean and the preview of the extrusion is smooth and clean, however the resulting solid is blocky. These defects are part of the actual solid model and remain when saved as another type of solid file like STL, so it's a problem affecting the usability of the model, not just a screen visualization issue. I can get the model to look better by un-merging the feature and making it a separate body, but I would prefer not to do this. I've maxed out the image quality settings and that hasn't seemed to change anything at all. I use a different feature to extrude the sine wave and the spline but i've also tried it as a single extrusion and it has the same poor blocky curvature.

This is how it looks if i merge the extrusion, notice the poorly extruded section between straight pads and sine wave.

This is how it looks if I choose to make it a separate body.

Merged feature with good preview and bad result

The sketches are all in good shape and all shared edges between features are identical, converted from the same original sketch or feature edges. At the moment i can't share the model, but maybe some folks will have some suggestions or have seen something like this before and know a way around or to fix it.