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    cut extrude in assembly

    Monster Jesse

      i am making a simple blank strip in assembly, how can i take a sketch from a part, paste it to an assembly then cut that sketch out? when i try to orient the sketch entities correctly onto the assembly they move all around and out of alignment as well. thanks

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          Ryan McCarthy

          Hi, it sounds like you might be converting the sketch onto a plane/face that is at a different orientation to the original, or it might still have relations to other bits of geometry/sketch entities.


          If you select the desired sketch and copy it, then select the face/plane you want to paste it onto and paste. It should re-orientate itself on the new face/plane. If you use "convert entities" it won't if the planes are not parallel.


          Could you upload any pictures/models that demonstrate the issue so we can see the exact situation you're encountering.