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How hard can it be to create an uninstaller?

Question asked by Matthew Brahm on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Matthew Brahm

I am curious why, when you remove Solidworks from app and features, it still leaves a bunch of orphaned crap laying around on the computer (even when I select every check box to remove everything).  Then, you go online and there are solidworks clean uninstall scripts.  The official answer on the Solidworks forum is "Google clean uninstall scripts and use those."  First off, this is a pretty lazy and sad answer.  You are telling people to reach out and just download whatever script they find, in stead of designing one and testing one yourself, which actually works.  Why can't Dassault simply make their uninstall actually remove everything?


Also, is your code EVER going to get recompiled so that it can be supported by SCCM?  It's nice that you made this cutesy automatic deployment Wizard, it would have been really cool 15 years ago, but for such a big company and a leader in CAD design, you would think that it would make sense to recompile the code and make your program more manageable from centralized management solutions.  AutoCAD can, maybe I just need to start pushing my engineers in that direction...