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Parent configuration of derived configuration in SWX Document manager?

Question asked by Karen Brunke on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Karen Brunke

Can document manager give me the name of a parent configuration of a specified derived configuration?


We use the SWX document manager to delete all unused configurations from parts before we send them to our customers.  Using document manager, we collect all of the configurations of a part used in a list of assemblies.  Then, using document manager, we delete the unused configurations.  It is really fast, and works great because SWX doesn't have to open the files.  However, if you have used derived configurations, it goes south.  When the parent is not used, document manager deletes the parent, which deletes the derived configs even if they are used.  I would like to find the parent configs of the used derived configs to the list when document manager opens the file, THEN run the delete module.  Is that possible?