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      Hello everybody.
      After the Solidworks Simulation Training I am trying to step into the Contact Analysis a little deeper. I am referring to the file attached.
      I have a pliers which squeezes a flat stock. During the training lesson the teacher said we are not interested in the contact stresses that develop between the arm and the hinge pin, nor we are interested in the contact stresses between the arms and the piece of flat stock.
      Well this is exactly what I am trying to do. If I set contact between components and I run the analysis nothing appears on the flat stock.
      I have tried many options but no results.
      Could someone help me? Thank you

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          Try the following.

          1)Apply mesh control on the contact faces to refine the mesh
          2)Check Compressive stress [P3] on the stock
          3)Hide the pliers

          You can see that the contact between plier and stock is a line contact and high stresses are evident significantly in the form of a line.

          Try increasing the force and appy a less stiff material for the stock to see significant changes

          Hope above is useful.

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            Thank you Jeyakumar I will try it.
            I have another question. It is about the Virtual Wall Stiffness. On the manual there is written there should be an article in which is explained how to calculate the stiffness of the wall. I logged-in in the customer portal but I couldn't find it. Someone has it or knows where it is located? Thank you