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DraftSight 2017 and 2018 SP2 Crash on Start!!!

Question asked by Ryan Houtz on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Jeremy Beneke

I have a user that was using DraftSight 2017 and all of a sudden it started crashing when he tried to open it. I logged in on the local administrator account and it opened fine. I figured upgrading to 2018 SP2 might fix the problem but it didn't. So I uninstalled 2018 and deleted all the DraftSight files for the user under AppData and under Program Files. I then reinstalled 2018 but I still have the same problem. The crash report doesn't tell me much and requests it be mailed to support but I'm guessing that's just for their records and I won't hear back if I do send it.

Anyone seen anything like this and know a fix?