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PDM Standard message system - 'Sent' box?

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Nadia Shea

In PDM Standard, I have sight of my inbox, in which I receive notification of parts, assemblies and drawings I need to check, and also notifications of successful transitions.

Is it possible also to see my sent messages? Perhaps have the system send me a copy as well as the person to whom it was addressed?

The reason behind the question is that one of our users sent a large quantity of drawings out for checking, spread across 4 different checkers, and now he can't remember which ones he sent to whom.

He could always ask the individuals concerned what they received, but it seemed like a better alternative to be able to see what he had sent.


My guess is that the answer is "It is not possible in Standard, but it is in Professional.", but I live in hope...



PDM Standard 2018, sp4