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    PDM Standard message system - 'Sent' box?

    John Wayman

      In PDM Standard, I have sight of my inbox, in which I receive notification of parts, assemblies and drawings I need to check, and also notifications of successful transitions.

      Is it possible also to see my sent messages? Perhaps have the system send me a copy as well as the person to whom it was addressed?

      The reason behind the question is that one of our users sent a large quantity of drawings out for checking, spread across 4 different checkers, and now he can't remember which ones he sent to whom.

      He could always ask the individuals concerned what they received, but it seemed like a better alternative to be able to see what he had sent.


      My guess is that the answer is "It is not possible in Standard, but it is in Professional.", but I live in hope...



      PDM Standard 2018, sp4





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          Craig Girvan

          Had a quick look in PDM standard and I don't seem to see any options like what you are looking for. PDM Pro seems to be the same thing if you are using the PDM notifications and sending system. Could be a different story if you instead use the emailing systems available with PDM Pro.

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            Nadia Shea

            Even in PDM Pro, the system does not keep track of 'sent' notifications. It clears that SQL table after send to save space, which in most cases, is ideal.


            If using SMTP (in Pro), you could just check the email server.


            I like the idea of sending the user a copy of the notification as well. A user can hold a notification in their inbox as long as they want, even when the notifications table is cleared. Per your specific scenario, I would test that first.


            There is an enhancement request for this that I would encourage you to vote on: SPR 588110 - Inbox should have a 'Sent Items' to store notifications that are manualy sent to other users (Notify a colleague...)