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How to Import/convert files in Parallel

Question asked by Thiago Motta on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Tom Sowers



I'm still pretty new to Solidworks and its API, but I've already managed to write a code to import parasolid files and export them to a different format with a specified configuration, which is working great!


Now I'd like to do the same for lots of file and since I've noticed Solidworks doesn't seem to be multi threaded when loading a file (at least not a parasolid file), my first attempt was to create multiple Solidworks instances, each loading a new file and exporting it. Although this does solve my problem, I'm left with a few warning messages displaying something about another instance of Solidworks already running, which doesn't annoy me much. After some tests, this solution seems to be about 3x faster than a single instance/thread one.


With that solution I can run several instances of Solidworks on the background (up to 9 I think), with no UI at all. But, lets be honest, this is a terribly ugly solution.


Is it possible to solve this issue with a single instance of Solidworks and multiple threads? Perhaps creating several sessions and issuing the 'save as' command on different tasks? I didn't find much reference to multi threading on the forums or how to have multiple sessions on a single instance...


Also, if a single instance solution isn't possible, is there a way to suppress that warning message?


So, just to round up my question: Id like to write a code to import a bunch of parasolid files and convert them to STL, all in parallel and using a single instance of Solidworks. Is that possible?


Thank you all for your help! =)