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New to API !

Question asked by Muhammad Tariq on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Keith Rice

Hello Dears,


I am very new to the APIs and programming at all.

so, I am very confused where to start.

please if you've any recommendations !


Also, I've viewed the SW help for APIs and the help files contains a lot of codes that really followed by (ISldWORKS) and every time i am trying to imitate the code in the Visual Basic (Usage ) and (Declaration) actually it gives me errors.

I know that this codes actually not a codes to be pasted but i can't figure it out how to make use of those codes if they are not to be used !
also, when I'm trying to click on the VBA Syntax it gives me codes that i can't actually understand ! I've searched a lot how to use these codes actually inside the SolidWorks programming interface and unfortunately i didn't find an obvious answer.



I know that my questions might be silly for some of you but consider that i am actually hasn't any programming experience nor knowledge. I am just understands the concepts and have some experience in DriveWorks Solo and many other software like it.


Thanks in advance and really appreciate your help.