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Macro request: Insert a Bill of Materials from template, add a row, merge cells in that row, insert text

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Tyler Nichol

Hi everyone,


I would love some help writing a macro. As stated in the title,



Drawing view selected



Bill of Materials inserted from template (header row located at bottom of table in this particular template)

Row added to top of BoM Table

Columns in top row merged into single cell

Title text entered into top row "Bill of Materials: X" where X is a value from the assembly custom properties (linked to the property would be ideal, one-time copy from the property would be alright)

Would also be nice to format the title text as bold with a .25" indent


I was able to get the macro to insert the bill of materials but it's changing things from the template (centered text in part name column, row heights not what they are set to in the template). Any help would be greatly appreciated.