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I have my own Solidworks 2014 Premium, I want to install Solidworks 2018 on same machine but installations wants to deactivate my old Simulation license! Help!

Question asked by Thiha Win on Aug 27, 2018
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I travel between two countries every a few days and don't want to carry 2 laptops. I want to keep SW2014 and install SW2018 between two laptops (deactivate from one and reactive in other one with SW2014) so that I travel with 1 laptop only. Now I have to travel with 2 on the plane. Just try to install SW2018 on machine with SW2014 and at installation I get warning '...detected another version of SW with Simulation License and have to deactivate first.... yes/no..'. Not these word exactly since I don't fully recall but that was the general message.


So, I quit installation. Why is that please? I need SW2014 or older clients and SW2018 for newer clients and suppliers.


I don't have SW2014 dvd to install on SW2018 machine but I have 2018 discs to install on SW2014 machine.