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Embed Interop Types?

Question asked by Taus Moller on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2020 by Amen Jlili

I was looking at Artem Taturevich's nifty tool for creating addins(SwEx.AddIn ). At the very start of the introduction video it is mentioned that it is recommended to set Embed interop types to false. In our development we have it set to true, but only because that is how the Solidworks' own template is set up. So i tried googling a bit and found that it was recommended several places like here and here. I am interested to know why this is recommended. Additionally i couldn't find any official word on it. so i was wondering if there if we should bother changing it. One of the links claims that it is needed to target CLR4. However we seem to be able to do that anyway. The other talks about being able to do "edit and continue" which would indeed be pretty cool, however i strongly suspect there are other issues with this as we also link som c++ libraries and some other stuff.


Unfortunately it seems that it is not entirely free to make the switch as we would have to go through the our addin and do a whole bunch extra type casting. Therefore i would really like to hear peoples recommendation/opinion and reasoning on this. Are we ok to just keep embed interop types set, or should bite the bullet and change it?