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Create Sheet Metal Dome

Question asked by Sam Dale on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Scott Leacox

Hi there. I'm trying to create a sheet metal dome, which is the outer part shown here:

Dome Drawing.png

How should I go about making this into a sheet metal part? I've been told to avoid "Convert to Sheet Metal" and "Insert Bends" (just tips for good practice), but I'm not very familiar with SolidWorks yet and I don't know how to do a revolution using the Sheet Metal parts.


So, I've run into the problem of using "Convert to Sheet Metal", but only getting a little bit of it to convert:

Dome Sheet Metal.PNG


So any help would be greatly appreciated.



Sam Dale


(Also note that "Combustion Topper.SLDPRT" is trying to do a revolution with sheet metal tools and "Combustion Topper 2.SLDPRT" is trying to create a solid feature that I then convert to sheet metal).