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Need Help for 3D Printing of scaled DrivAer Model (1:20)

Question asked by Saiel Pathare on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2018 by Chris Dordoni

Hello Everyone,


I am doing project on aerodynamic behavior of vehicle to vehicle interaction and for this I am using DrivAer model. Also I am going to do a wind-tunnel test and for that I have to print a DrivAer model of scale "1:20" with the wall thickness 3mm ,as the working section of university wind-tunnel is small.


I have managed to scale down the model but to maintain the wall thickness of model as 3mm is biggest challenge and for that I tried everything but not able to get the thickness as 3mm after scaling down.

I need help. If anyone could do this for me it will be pleasure for me. I have attached the STEP files of DrivAer model.



I Hope to get positive response.



1)Scale Down the model to 1:20

2) Wall thickness should me 3mm after scaling down the model.