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Still learning: Why are these tap callouts different? What makes them different?

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Jim Riddell

Edit: Changed the thread title after a little thinking. I don't want to make the new callout look like the old callout if it's incorrect, I'd rather do it the right way. But I would like to understand why the new tap callout does not look like the old one.



I'm not actually an engineer or trained drafter in any way, but I happen to know how to use Solidworks to a degree, and I do some gruntwork for my company. I've been tasked with creating a new drawing for a revised part, but the tap callouts being created by my copy of Solidworks don't look like the tap callouts on the old drawing. I'm hoping someone can explain why they don't look the same.


Here is the M2x0.4 tap callout on the old drawing, which as I understand, was created in solidworks as well:



And here is the same hole with the tap callout in my Solidworks:



I guess my question is, why does the original drawing just say "M2x0.4 TAP" while the callout generated by Solidworks adds tolerance and depth information? Is it necessary? If not, is there a way to match it to the style in the old drawing? These parts have been made successfully with the tap callout as-is in the old drawing, so at least for our application, it was apparently fine with just "M2x0.4 TAP".


Does it have to do with the way the holes were made (Hole Wizard, Straight Tap with cosmetic threads)?


(I cannot upload the part because it's a work thing.)