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Redering Graphics on parts, how to improve

Question asked by Hans Hoevde on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by Paul Salvador

I have created a cylindrical part. To this I made extrution on the cylindrical base and made a cylinder shape cut out of some rectangels placed on the edge.


When looking at the part in SW is the round cylinder egde and  cylinder cut out on rectangle not shown as a "curve".
It visually appears as several connected straight lines. The part is still the cylinder.


How to I setup SW to show/ display the wished curve shape?.
As coming from the 2D Autodesk world, a solution in 2D would have been a REGENeration of drawing.

But how do I perform some similar in SW 2018? Or is there any Graphics options needed to be changed?


See  Pictures


// Hans H, Varberg Sweden

Part not smooth (2).jpg

part (3).png

part (2).png