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I have had it with Solidworks

Question asked by Andy Crabtree on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by Robert Pereira
I have had nothing but promblems. I was running really well till about a month ago. Now I can't even draw, open assemblies with out taking all day. It freezes and crashes. This morning it was running ok with my assembly open, when I opened a sub assembly from the main assembly it started acting up. I try to zoom and I get and hour glass. I have enabled to 3 GB switch. Reinstalled Solidworks to fix any internal problems. The settings should be all set to the same as i had before it started working poorly. I ran a test on my video card and it's fine. then i ran a test on my hard drive and i had some errors fixed. Now it just doesn't work.
I am in a crunch and need to get stuff done. So i am going to reformate my hard drive. I don't know if i have a virus, i have ran virus protection over and over.