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    Blending Variable Sized Fillets?

    James Baseman-Blevins

      square blend.JPG

      A customer wants there to be a radius/fillet all the way around the inside of the part but it is not a consistent size. The bottom needs to be .03 R and the top needs to be a .120 R and the sides need to blend with the transition. Ive been messing around with Variable Size Radius/Fillet and I cannot for the life of me get it. Is it even possible?

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          Deepak Gupta

          It should be doable with variable fillet but you would need to calculate the blend %



          Other option is to simply use loft cut after making the fillet sketches


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            Dennis Bacon

            James,,, I think if you use some surfacing on this you will get the results you want. I started with a solid then some split lines, delete faces, surface extrudes for each dimensioned radii, and  some boundary surfaces. The trick is in the rulled surface that was used for the top surface split.


            2014 file attached.


            Edit:.. I have modified this a bit to include both the surfacing way and the vary fillet way. I was concerned at first since I wasn't able to measure the vary fillet ends but found that if I insert it into the drawing and section it I could get the .120 & .030 dims. You can compare the two. There are two configurations. One with the vary fillet and one without.