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Selection Filter body features instead of solid bodies?

Question asked by Jason Warnke on Aug 24, 2018

Is there a way to selection filter features?


The only real place where I'd like to do this is in the case of an imported dumb solid with multiple bodies.  Sometimes I don't want to delete the bodies - I want to actually purge all record of the body-features completely from a model in order to shrink the size down (sometimes handy if you save an entire assembly as a part file in order to tweak it or merge the solid-bodies to cut surface contours, or to show it as a reference somewhere).


You can selection filter the bodies and then window a bunch at once; but I want to be able to window a bunch of bodies simultaneously and have it highlight the actual feature icon in the feature tree (not the solid body icon) for all such dumb-solid multi-body parts; so that I can just delete the features and shrink the file size down a bit.  My alternative is selecting each one individually (if I have like 100 bodies I want to purge mixed up between a list of like 700 bodies, it is a bit of a pain; much easier to select in the graphics window sometime than try to figure out by name in the feature tree).


Is there some way to do this that im unaware of?