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    Copy Tree error could not create folder in local cache

    Stephen Lapic

      One of our engineers has a problem trying to use Copy Tree.  He always gets the error that says it could not copy the file because it could not create the folder in the local cache.  It then suggests that the name may contain invalid characters.  It does not matter which file(s) he selects or which folders they are in.  His user, as well as all other engineer users, does not exclude any folders or have anything different in the variable settings.


      It appears that this has always been this way since he started a couple years ago and after it fails he gets another engineer to create it for him.  This time he asked me to help and it worked fine for me but not for him.

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          Sam Sam



          there are following assumptions and offers:


          1. To find out it a local problem or a problem of the user of PDM.

          For this purpose, it is possible to try to enter under the same user from other computer.

          Or it is possible to try to enter on this computer under other user?.


          2. There is an opportunity to check in other Vault (or there is only one vault?)

          What settings at the user - to Display all files or only in vault?


          3. For copying of a tree - files have to be not only CheckIn, but also to be able with the necessary permissions.

          If in the folder (assembly) there is an UnCheck file other user / on other computer / the hidden, local or virtual files the saved in assembly / just spoiled files / duplicats of files from different folders / references on files out of PDM, etc. - problems are possible.

          It is possible to see what there is warnings when copying a tree, whether and also what warnings at Pack and Go is.

          Sometimes something can be found out if to open assembly by means of TreeHouse or to copy by means of SolidWorks Explorer. (if he is).

          Even when opening in EDrawings - sometimes it is possible to find out whether there are hidden files.


          It is also possible:

          - to check if to move tree works?

          - to check (or reset) of user menu settings - (Click on File).

          - to check the rights of the user of Windows - it is very desirable to have the rights of the administrator.

          - to establish in properties of all files of *.exe (SW&PDM) - start on behalf of the administrator.

          - if there is an antivirus - to add folders and the PDM files to exceptions.

          - to see what there were Window updates since that moment as function has ceased to work.

          - if the problem has appeared after the PDM updating - to try to correct installation errors.

          - to try in properties of the Windors folder - to display the hidden files and to allow to see the before CheckIn files.

          - to add the user on the Vault tab - Security.


          But it seems to me that, a problem in settings of the user.

          There is an opportunity to create the new user - using settings of the user without problems?


          See also - Clearing Grey Files / Folders when someone move else them (EPDM)

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              Stephen Lapic

              Sam Sam;

              1 - I had him try on another computer and he had no problem so it must be computer related but not sure what.

              2 - he only has access to one vault.

              3 - he has identical permissions as other engineers.  this doesn't work only for him, other engineers can process when he fails.

              4 - all engineers have the same antivirus, admin rights, software, etc.


              One thing I will try later today is to log him out and then I will log in.  I will then run Copy Tree on the same file that worked for me earlier to see if that fails.

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                  Sam Sam

                  1. Apparently, the problem should be looked for on the local computer.

                  If on other computer this user had no problems, then it is possible to check on this computer of other user? Or to create the new user (temporarily)?


                  2. The same antivirus - it still means nothing. What settings at an antivirus?

                  For example, explorer.exe - is added to exceptions?

                  3. Admin rigths of the user - it is good, but all *.exe files in the PDM folder - are set up on start with the rights of the administrator?

                  These are different things.

                  Also to me it is not clear:

                  - it ceased to work after up-dating or never worked?

                  - there are some warnings when copying a tree?


                  Even, if all have identical initial SolidWorks settings - it does not mean that the user, changed nothing under the needs.

                  Besides, different users can have different operation methods, (without telling that each Project - unique).

                  For example, the user can use the virtual components in assembly, or configurations of files, welded constructions, etc. Sometimes, problems with mirror components are possible.

                  Also, it is not necessary to disregard different failures which can also have consequences. Will not prevent to look in SOLIDWORKS RX, a log of PDM and SQL.

                  Even if there nothing the useful will be, it does not mean on the local computer there cannot be problems (installation, registry, networks, settings, etc.)


                  And once again I want to specify - problems with specific assembly (project)?

                  To copy a tree - assemblies or folders? And if to move a tree - the same result?

                  It is possible to copy a tree of other assembly of other user?


                  Also interests result of Pack and Go (and if it is set - TreeHourse, EDrawing and SolidWorks Explorer).


                  There are still functions to update reference and search of local files - in certain cases it can help.


                  If there are no results - it is possible to try reparate installation of PDM.

                  Any "dll" can be for some reason not registered in Windows (or there can be other problems).


                  And once again a question - it was the SolidWorks PDM updating? Before everything worked or not?

                  In case of updates a part of programs can be set in other folders - that can create problems. Also, at the same time the Windows updates can hinder.

                  By the way, information - what Windows version and PDM will not prevent.

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                Jim Sculley

                Is the path to the local vault view different on this machine compared to others?  This error can occur if the path is too long.

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                  Aleksander Ksiezopolski

                  My question could be stupid but... do you have enough space on the disk/partition with local vault view?




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                    Nadia Shea

                    If you know it's 'machine specific' and not the permissions of the PDM user, here's a quick test to sort if it's local permissions or some other third party program (AV, etc...).


                    Log onto a different user profile on the problematic machine, execute the exact same operations on the same PDM user.


                    If it works fine there.. it's something in the user profile, aka permissions, local rights, etc... It may be how the User Account Control on that profile.  In most cases, it's simply easier/faster to create a new user profile than troubleshoot the corrupted one.


                    If it still fails, I would pursue any third party programs such as AV, etc...  If it gets really complex, I use Microsoft Autoruns to disable any third party functions in the Windows Explorer shell. Then I slowly re-add them to find the interrupting source.

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                      Sam Sam

                      There are 3 proposals:

                      1. To enter in Windows under other user (for example as "Administrator"?).

                      If everything works - means problems in a profile of the current user.

                      It will need to be deleted then to enter under the same user. Windows - the new profile will be created.

                      Before deleting a profile - it is desirable to save all necessary settings and documents of the user.

                      2. To try repair installation.

                      3. There is still a rollback of System (if there are restore points) - if it can give something and as far as it approaches - decide independently.